The Future of Healthcare is in the Home

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A New Perspective in Healthcare

ALC Home Health Care

Home is where you want to be when recovering from an injury, illness, or surgery, or while dealing with a chronic disease.

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ALC Hospice Care

We are focused on providing comfort and quality of life for patients in advanced stages of serious illness. Our holistic approach offers medical services and emotional and spiritual support to treat the whole patient.

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ALC Primary Care@Home

With significant technologies advances, the preference to stay at home, and changes in insurance that allow remaining at home, the future of healthcare is increasingly within the home.
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Assistenza: Italian for assistance; help. The support and aid that you need.

Assistenza is at the forefront of shifting the paradigm of senior healthcare. We are creating relationship equity integrated within a clinical network of high-value and high-quality organizations. We are focused on providing a coordinated full continuum of care services at the most appropriate and effective level within the patient’s home.

Assistenza Healthcare addresses the full spectrum of patient healthcare needs in the home. The Assistenza family of companies includes ALC Home Health, ALC Palliative & Hospice Care, ALC Primary Care@Home, and private duty services. “ALC” stands for A Loving Company, the name of the original home health provider founded in 2006. Over the years we have expanded to provide our patients and family members with a full complement of health care services in the home. 

Assistenza firmly embraces the goals of the Quadruple Aim in healthcare. The model was developed by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement to optimize health system performance. The result is better outcomes at lower costs, all within the patient’s home.

A reported 90% of seniors wish to age in place; continue to live their lives to the fullest within their own homes.

Assistenza Healthcare Management LLC is able to make this possibility a reality.

*The Quadruple Aim in Healthcare, developed by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, is widely embraced to optimize health system performance.

Why staying at home is better for your health

We recognize through home-based models that care at the home is what’s best for the patient and their family.

Research supports the benefits of home health care, which include:

  • Patients are more stress-free in their comfortable and familiar surroundings
  • Patients are happier with their loved ones around them
  • Visiting healthcare professionals are able to provide companionship to patients who may otherwise be isolated
  • Home health care is often safer and always more convenient
  • Home health care is usually less expensive

The Impact of Technology

A critical factor in the transition of healthcare into the home is the development and integration of sophisticated technological innovations. Technology enables healthcare professionals to progressively monitor, consult, track, diagnose and care for patients as they remain within the comfort of their homes.

Assistenza has partnered with industry leaders to offer our patients, families, and community partners, the most cutting-edge technology to complement and streamline the services that we offer.

Our Success Numbers


2022 YTD, only 8.7% of patients needed urgent care following care from ALC. National average is 11%


Q4 2021, 100% of our families for 4th Q 2021 stated that they would recommend ALC Hospice Care to their friends and family


Q4 2021, 92% of our patients would recommend our agency. National average for this time period was 74%


2021 and 2022 YTD, 100% of our patients respond that they get the help and advice they need from ALC staff. The national average is between 93-96%


Q4 2021 and 2022 YTD, 100% of our patients respond that they were treated as gently as possible. National average is currently 85%


2022 YTD, 100% of our patients respond that ALC staff listens carefully to them. National average is 80%