About Our Company

ALC Home Health Care was founded in 2006 as

A Loving Company (ALC) by visionary leader Anthony (Tony) Siciliano.

Tony launched ALC as a result of his own family’s experience with home health care agencies and his deep commitment to preventing other families from having to suffer through similar pain. His father had become ill, causing him to be homebound for sixteen months. During that time, the family was very dissatisfied with the lack of quality care that he received, and consequently, they changed home health care service providers many times.

Because Tony was blessed with a large family, all of whom lived within close proximity of each other, one or more loved ones were able to remain by his father’s side. He received loving attention at all times. Tony firmly believes that this helped to extend his life, and it certainly enhanced the quality of his life. “We were so fortunate to be able to do this for him,” said Tony.

Recognizing that professional care supported by the constant presence of loving family, were together, of tremendous importance to his father’s health. Tony also realized that the ability for extended family to be present and act as caregivers around the clock is very rare. He decided, therefore, to found a company that, to the best of its ability, would provide the type of compassion and caring that his father received from skilled professionals.

Through the subsequent years, it has become evident that the future of healthcare will increasingly be delivered within the privacy, safety and comfort of the home. This is something that the ALC team firmly embraces and excels at delivering. In response, the organization has grown and evolved to meet and even lead this changing paradigm.

Shortly after launching ALC Home Health, we introduced ALC Hospice. In order to close the gap in services to provide a complete continuum of care, we are now also offering ALC Primary Care@Home.

Under the umbrella of Assistenza, Healthcare Management, we have created an integrated network of high-value and high-quality health professionals. The organization has exceptionally high standards and the team has earned a reputation for consistently going above and beyond expectations.

“While it’s true that our professionals come into the home as strangers, they quickly become our patients’ and families’ trusted and caring friends,” said Tony.

Welcome to Assistenza Healthcare Management, and most of all, welcome home!